Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Floor screws finished

     Today the yellow-tongue flooring had all of its screws and joins finished. I have been lucky enough to be getting home from work to find the work magically completed :)

     It has taken a few days of hard to work to finally get all of the screws in place, with some delays and frustrations due to problems with tools not working properly. You would think with 3 drills we could get one of them to work! At least 5 days have been spent down there drilling all the screws in, as each full size sheet of yellow-tongue needs 36 screws (4 across each joist and spanning 9 joists), and extra screws needed when joining shorter sections, so the whole floor needed about 600 screws altogether. The lengths of dark wood planks seen in the above photo is the merbau decking waiting for the verandah floor to be constructed, and are being stored on the house floor at the moment to clear up some room in the shed.

     The joins between the sheets of yellowtongue were also sealed with construction adhesive, and then the joins were taped over with insulation tape.

     We have also received the plans for constructing the wall frames, so we can finally get onto that step. Weather permitting, of course!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Yellowtongue Floor

     Josh has now finished attaching the yellowtongue floor to the floor frame.
     In this picture you can see the box of screws, tube of glue/sealant, and the drill, along with the yellowtongue sheets partially finished. It took 2 days of Josh working on his own to put all the yellowtongue down. They now just require a little more glueing and screwing, and then the next stage is wall frames. First we need to wait for the kit home company to send us the missing plans, it's been several days and still waiting for a reply...