Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Verandah Beams

     The deck is mostly screwed down, just need a few more screws, and progress has been made on the verandah roof.

     This piece was cut from the top of the middle post to make it the right height, cut by hand with a hacksaw! Then the beam was screwed in place.
     The screws were quite difficult to get through the thick metal, and my muscles are aching today from the odd angle.
     It is exciting to see the angle at which the verandah roof will be coming down.
     While Josh was cutting the post, myself and the mother-in-law busied ourselves removing big clumps of raspy grass from around the house, and it was surprising how nice it was to have a clear area to sit on our chairs when we had a rest.
     It's a lovely shady cool place to sit on a hot day. Since then Josh has cut another post to the right height but we haven't taken any photos of that as yet.