Thursday, 19 June 2014

Cosy Caravan

We are going to live in a caravan on-site while we build the house, so that hopefully the frame will go up quite quickly as we will be working on it almost every day. We already have the caravan on the property, as we spotted a cheap second-hand one around the corner when we were hunting for land to buy, and the kind folks who sold it to us kept it on their place until we were ready, and then drove it around when we needed somewhere to sleep on our first visit! In fact we still owe them a case of beer for that, must not forget! Considering that the caravan is not registered and possible not road-worthy (though still in very good nick) that was very generous of them, luckily it was only a couple of kilometres down a quiet back road. :)
     It was a even better deal than we first realised, with a functioning gas stove AND gas in the bottle, which meant that we could cook and have hot drinks from day one!!! The council does not want us to live on the property until we have a proper toilet and some way to deal with wastewater, and since we were planning on getting a composting toilet anyway we will just install that asap.
     There was the option of having the greywater/septic system installed right from the start but this seemed like it would be too hard to hook up and work around as the caravan would be right in the way of the trucks coming etc. So we will probably have a small greasetrap hooked up to the caravan sink and then draining into a small trench, depending on council approval.
     We also have the option of laundry at the local pub and showers at the local resource centre which is only 4 kilometres walk (a short distance compared to most things in the country!). We could even have some camp showers if feeling in the mood, as we have no neighbours in site and we can always hear cars coming up the driveway so have plenty of notice of unexpected visitors!
     Today was two kinds of good news, we are approved for the Regional Relocation Grant so that's some extra money which is appreciated since we haven't had any income for a year! And also we have been sent the preliminary plans from the kit-home company so hopefully the full plans will be coming through very soon! Smiley Face!

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