Monday, 9 May 2016

Raking House Site

     The rest of the joists haven't been screwed in yet, but here is a photo of them after they were placed. The last one is waiting for the rest to be screwed in before being placed.
     Note the trees which will be the view, and the small mountain behind it. Absolutely beautiful watching the mists drift across it, and the sun on it in the afternoon - this will be our living room window!
     I exhausted myself yesterday raking under the house site to remove the rocks - big and small - so that in future when we are crawling around under there (because it will inevitably happen) it will be less uncomfortable. It is pesky work, and after 6 hours in the hot sun I only have one third of it done. Luckily there is added motivation - the smaller rocks along with the lumps of clay (of which there are plenty) are collected into a bucket and poured onto the driveway at the most troublesome spots.

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