Monday, 14 November 2016

More Wall Frames Erected

     This morning the boys went down to the house site and did some more building work. There was already two wall frames assembled so they put the third and last frame together.
     This is the wall for the kitchen and bathroom, and they then erected it. It was a little dicey with the wind randomly gusting through but luckily Nic didn't get blown away.
     The next wall was the living room wall, which has a ridiculously large window. I vote we put the couch right in front of it and sit on it all day watching the birds.

     Last was the wall which has the sliding glass door in it. This will open out onto a small verandah.
     As you can see on the top right corner the local inspector Mr Kookaburra came to show his appreciation, very impressed with the new place to sit.

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