Monday, 1 January 2018


Significant progress has been made on the roof during the christmas holidays, due to the wonderful help of visiting family. Thanks so much guys!

Since the last post I spent several mornings putting up the 10 fascia brackets. First one end, then the other, then a string-line between them to make sure all the ones in the middle are in a straight line.

I found this a difficult and annoying job as the brackets tended to move while I was trying to drill the screws in, despite the clamp holding it in place. I learned as I went though, and the later brackets were done much more quickly than the first.

After this was done, the boys put up the first gutter which was a bit tricky as it bends very easily. Some supports were taped to it and then it was lifted up with rope and the use of two ladders. The gutter is attached with the use of suspension clips and gutter straps.

Then the boys put the fascia board on. This was done in two halves with the middle joined by an extra support piece, riveted together, the same as the fascia board on the other side of the house. Then the gutter was put up using the same method as the first side with supports and ropes.

Next the roof was started. First the insulation was cut to length and taped into place, and then a roof sheet was placed over the top and screwed in. The same was repeated for the other side.

Also the roof strapping was tensioned up while working up in the roof. Here you can see the underneath with the roof strapping, the insulation which is 135cm wide, and two sheets of Colorbond – each 84cm wide.

A couple more days of dodging rain and the bottom side of the house is nearing completion. Christmas day we had 70mm of rain in only a couple of hours, so it seems the wet season has come early!!!

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