Sunday, 13 September 2015

More piers...

     All of the piers for the perimeter of the house have now been cut, and are looking quite happily level. We ran out of metal for the rest, so went on a trip to Bunnings and gave them lots of money. We saved $20 though because we got one of their owner-builder cards which gives you a 5% discount on most items. We also bought some underfloor insulation, luckily it's the thin stuff like alfoil so that we didn't need several HUGE batts that wouldn't have fit in the car! Tomorrow Josh will be helping one of the locals with a build on their site, in return for some work done on our site.
     Yes one of the piers has fallen over! I collected some of the clay which was dug out of the footings holes this afternoon with the plans to make a little rocket stove to cook on. The Rural Fire Service has been asking us if we can go out to fight fires, but it's hard to find the time when we should be building a house! Also raked up some leaves near the shed to try and reduce the amount of 'fine fuel' in case of a bushfire here, it won't make much difference but hopefully it's better than nothing.

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