Tuesday, 10 January 2017


     This morning we got up early to get some work done before it got hot. Setting up is time-consuming as it involves laying out the electrical cords from the generator shed to the house site.
     This photo was taken from the generator shed, as you can see it's a fair way to be walking repeatedly up and down the hill.

     Then Josh did some screwing. He had to take out some previously screwed-in screws in order to fit the brackets for the roof trusses, and then put the screws back in through the bracket. It would have been better if the instructions hadn't told him the wrong way to do it to begin with! So that's one done, and other 23 to go... (all of which need the previously screwed screws removed first).

     Meanwhile I pottered around moving rocks and sticks from around the house site.
     The vegetation is getting quite long, and we should start cutting it for an area around the house to help with bushfire safety. The ground is quite uneven though, and it takes a while to clear each spot. Especially when it is stinking hot!

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